Portal Information

Most teachers throughout the district are now using Aeries Gradebook and the Parent Portal.  In order to use the Parent Portal you need to first create an account. Once the account is created you need to add your student to your account. You will need three pieces of information:

Student Permanent ID.
Student phone number.
Student verification Code.
If you don’t already have that information, please send an email with your name and your student’s name to to: portalsupport@wscuhsd.k12.ca.us and we will email you the information you need.
On the right side of this page are links to the login page plus links to YouTube “How To” videos to help you set up your account. Or you can read the step by step instructions below.

How to sign up for a Parent Portal account.

Click on the Parent Portal login link on the right.
Click on “Create New Account” just below the Login button
Click Parent Account if you are a parent or Student Account if you are a student.
Click Next button
Enter the E-mail address you wish you use, confirm it
Enter a Password, and confirm it
Click Next button
Open a new tab or new window in your browser.
Check your Email for an Email message from info@wscuhsd.k12.ca.us (it may be in your spam folder)
In the Email, click on the Confirm Current Email Address Link
If that doesn’t work (if nothing happens), look a little further down in the Email, where there will be an Email Code
Copy the Email code
Return to Aeries(in the other window or tab) and paste the Email code into the box provided
Click Next button and you are done
You have created an account.

How to add your student to your Parent Portal account.

Click on the Parent Portal Login link on the right side of this page
Login using your Email address and password
You will be asked for three pieces of information that were sent to you in a letter. If you have not received a letter with infor you need to sign up. Send and email to portalsupport@wscuhsd.k12.ca.us and request the info. We well email it to you.
Once you put in the required information click the next button
You will now let Aeries know what relationship you are to the Student
You have now completed the process.

How to request courses using the portal

Watch the video on how the request courses using the portal. After watching the video, click on the Parent Portal login Link on the right side of the page and request your courses.


How to use the Parent Portal

When you first login you will be presented with a calendar
Across the top are several buttons with drop downs to select the information you are looking for
You can get Classes, Gradebook, Grades Etc.
If you have questions, you can send an Email to: