Analy Student Film Makers Featured on KRCB

January 14, 2016

In partnership with freelance producer Rhian Miller and North Bay Dreamers, Analy Advanced Media students turned their cameras inward to learn more about the struggles and challenges of undocumented immigrants.  Under the guidance of Analy teacher Ann Humphrey, students were instrumental in getting this project created from planning to interviewing and filming.  Analy students Maria Salcido and Bismark Torres agreed to share their stories with their classmates.  The results were transformational for all involved.  View the film below:

The result of this project is a short film called, “Hurdles”, which made its debut at 3rd Street Cinemas, in Santa Rosa on January 13th, focuses on two DREAMers, Maria Salcido and Bismark Torres, who are Analy High School graduates and are now attending Santa Rosa Junior College. This film was completed with the participation of the Analy High School media department in Sebastopol, CA.


Hurdles is the third film in this ground breaking series.  The first two films in this series have been broadcast more than 75 times on KRCB throughout 2015 and will be released to other public TV stations soon across the country in September. They have also been widely circulated on YouTube and Facebook.
In conjunction with the Sonoma County Human Rights Commission, KRCB, and many other schools and community groups, the non-profit, all-volunteer project North Bay Dreamers is telling the stories on television, in film, in the media and online of the many thousands of young people in the North Bay who have obtained legal status from this law, known colloquially as DREAMers. Their goal is to provide insight to ordinary Americans into the accomplishments of many of these DREAMers and into the lives of families who live with undocumented status here. North Bay Dreamers hopes to help put a human face on the millions of undocumented young and old people living in the United States.