HR Information

The West Sonoma County Union High School District (WSCUHSD) is located in Western Sonoma County stretching from the rural orchards and dairies north of Petaluma on up the coast to the historic beaches of Fort Ross.

The District lies within the world famous wine, grape, and apple producing region of Sonoma County.

The largest residential area in the District is the city of Sebastopol, located fifty miles north of San Francisco and 10 miles west of Santa Rosa. North of Sebastopol the communities of Forestville, Cazadero, Graton, Guerneville, Occidental, and Monte Rio offer a slower paced life style for middle-income families who work in the area.

Our high schools serve students in grades 9-12 and have a combined enrollment of 2110 students. WSCUHSD is the home of two comprehensive high schools, Analy and El Molino; one continuation high school, Laguna; and one community day school, WSCUHSD Community Day School. The District is also the LEA for the West Sonoma County Special Education and Student Services Consortium.

Students who enter the District’s high schools come from diverse experiences in ten elementary districts spread across the western part of the county. Strong parent and community support for education is evident as WSCUHSD students traditionally surpass state and national averages in academic achievement tests and college entrance exams. 20% of our students transfer to the District from neighboring areas attracted by arts, culinary debate, college prep, and agriculture and student activities. Approximately 80% of the District graduates to on to attend a community college, four-year college or business/trade school.

The West Sonoma County Union High School District (WSCUHSD) employs over 230 employees:

  • 131 Certificated Employees (teachers, speech/language therapists, school nurses, school psychologists, and guidance counselors)
  • 84 Classified Employees (Secretaries, Attendance Clerks, Registrars, Site Account Clerks, Para-educators, Behavior Assistants, Outreach Therapist, Health Technician, Maintenance and Operations Staff, Food Service Workers, Campus Supervisor, Librarians, Technology Specialists, Site Career Center Coordinators and SIS Data Coordinator)
  • 9 Certificated Administrators (District Superintendent, Principals, Vice-Principals, Special Education Consortium Director and Program Specialist)
  • 6 Confidential Employees (Director of Maintenance and Operations, Executive Secretary, Accountant, Payroll/Human Resources Assistant, District Operations Coordinator, and Food Service Coordinator)
  • 2 Classified Management (Business Manager and Human Resources Manager)

As well as several substitute teachers and athletic coaches

We enjoy a healthy relationship with our two unions, West Sonoma County Teachers Association and California School Employees Association as well as the unrepresentative groups.

We strive to provide a welcoming atmosphere, support and leadership to the employees of the District. We take pride in offering a safe and healthy environment for all.

The mission of the Human Resources Office of the WSCUHSD is to provide excellent customer service to our current employees as well as potential employees of the District.


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